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Pastoral Care

Our team cares for the physical, emotional and mental welfare of our students to ensure that they are safe, happy and empowered.


We prioritise students' completion of homework, learning of spelling and attempts at bite-sized revision with assessment worksheets as part of their daily routine.

Academic Learning
Customised Guidance


To further expand what they know, and to bridge the gaps on what they don't know, we offer tuition services to give your child a tailored learning experience beyond the classroom.


MCS partners with The Lab Singapore to provide structured coding lessons for our students. The Lab is the first kid's coding school with a curriculum reviewed by a Computer Science professor from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Being academically driven, we strive to educate students with the computational thinking skills required to prepare them for the future.

Robotic Class
English Writing Program

English Writing Program

Composition writing is one of the key components with high weightage of marks in school examinations. We help build a strong foundation for students from young and equip them with the necessary skills set for PSLE.


Drawing is one of the few activities that uses the right brain almost exclusively. Cultivating the right brain is often neglected as many people are unaware of how it can help to develop cognitive competencies in sports, music, humour, holistic thinking and intuitive decision making. More importantly, drawing nurtures creativity!


Play Corner

The Play Corner provides a space for children to play, socialise and explore. Social-emotional development of our children can be honed through interaction with their peers.

Read A Book!

Reading can help to improve focus, memory retention,  and stress, overall improving our mental health. It is a good way for our students to learn new things beneficial in their growth.


Mindfulness Practice

At MCS, we care for our students' mental health. Quiet time for mindfulness comes into play as a strong tool to regulate our emotions and compartmentalise our stressors to reduce anxiety in our daily lives. 


Calligraphy is also a form of mindfulness. Not only does it help our students to lengthen their attention span, it also promotes neater handwriting and helps develop a disciplined mind crucial for success.

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