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MCS has been receiving guests visiting us over the years. In 2017, Uncle You Hua and his wife, Auntie Bei Ru took time to visit us. He had spoken to our students sharing useful tips on basic role as a student. Deeply appreciated for all who has taken time to drop by and leaving us with the lasting memory.

In 2018, Uncle Sheng Si and his son brother Zun Ming from Taiwan, Auntie Irene from Malaysia and brother Yuan Zhi from China dropped in and leave their well-wishes for us. They were accompanied by good friends from Singapore [Uncle Frank, Auntie Hui Fang, Auntie Ming Yi and Ms Peggy. Ms Peggy has been our part-time teacher in MCS in the past.

In Aug 2018, one of our shareholders, Brother Zhong Er who owns a food business in Taiwan now, came over to MCS and cook a meal for us! He also help to serve snack during tea break and stay on to spring clean the center.

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