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[2019] JUN Field Trip @ Changi Jewel & Milo Factory Learning Journey

Updated: May 31, 2020

Interesting, fun and novelty; these are some of our key considerations for every field trip. Our event are always educational, and fun-filled! We also place a strong emphasis on teamwork wherever we go!

After the soft launch of the Jewel Changi Airport, we knew that we had to bring our students there! Not only did we see the iconic man-made waterfall, we also had the chance to play at Canopy Park and Discovery Slides. Canopy Skynet @ Jewel officially opened on the 10/6/2019. MCS brought our students on 19/6 to to get the first hand experience. A few students manage to overcome their fear of height and we were delighted to see them crossing a milestone in life. Most of us enjoyed the hanging sensation and the thrill rides from the various slides. Beautiful pictures and memories were captured during the entire trip.

At the Milo factory, our students took turns to play with the interactive game stations and took home packets of Milo. Well, most of them did while one of our students finished his share of Milo on the spot haha. Just take a look at his sheepish smile!

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