[2019] DEC Field Trip @ Ice Skating & Movie

Updated: Jun 7

This was our first trip to ice skate and most of the students were very excited and anxious. Upon arrival, we brought our basic gear, got our ticket, exchange our shoes and head straight into the ring. Many students do not know how to skate and most were first time entering an ice skating ring. But surprisingly, less than 20 minutes, many were already on their own feet rolling freely on ice. Although some still need the bar to get by, most were dare to let go! There was a sense of achievement once they managed to skate freely and overcome the fear of falling. The objective of every field trip is to try something new in hope that our students could overcome the challenges they faced.

After a hearty meal, good rest and exchange of stories in the ring, we were ready to take the train towards NEX shopping mall to catch Frozen II. A highly anticipated and talked about movie in town! Without much surprise, we managed to fulfill our curiosity of the long awaited show before we head back to center.


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