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[2016] DEC Field Trip @ East Coast Park (Cycling & Seaside)

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

The student decided to go back to East Coast Park again in December but this time around, we hopped onto our bikes instead of walking! Being close to nature really lifted our moods. Everyone automatically did something they liked when we stepped onto the sandy beach. Building sand castles, digging holes and pouring water over it despite knowing that we will never be able to contain it.

Playing with sand is a form of therapy. The nice cooling sea breeze soothed our heart and soul. Submerging our feet into the cold and calming sea water offered an inner peace. A simple meal of fried rice with cold water is enough to keep us happy because true happiness is priceless and it comes from within!

We had a quick wash up and had a whale of a time at the new playground before heading back to the centre. Spending quality time with one another is precious. This was truly a stress-free, memorable and fun-filled trip.

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