MCS provides a home away from home environment. Our teachers and students are well respected and we regard each other as friends and family members who can be honest and open about our opinions. 

We strive to be different, not only in our program and offering, but also in truly understanding our student's needs and concerns. We take time to work with parents for the benefit of their child and help to enhance relationships amongst the family. 

MCS shareholders wanted to make a difference in our student's experience.. We are deeply gratified to witness how our children transformed to become motivated, productive, independent and possess gratitude for others.


Diploma in Pre-school Teaching

Currently pursuing Diploma in Care and Program

言教者 • 讼
身教者 • 从
心教者 • 恩


To lead the younger generation becoming a family-oriented, responsible and positive individual


To guide and create opportunities for students to develop a Growth Mindset


To uphold the importance of Interpersonal Relationship from young


When Amelia first came to MCS, she had just been accepted to Pathlight School. We had looked at other student care centres. Some were not suitable for a child like her; others didn’t want to take her due to her condition. We appreciated that MCS took up the challenge of caring for her. Amelia has thrived at MCS in conjunction with her time in Pathlight with confidence and gratitude so much so that she is now in a mainstream school. Thanks to Pathlight and MCS, she is a well-adjusted and happy girl today.

Amelia’s dad, John Loh

Our Staffs

Every talent plays a crucial role in the centre. Hence, everyone is deemed as an important asset to us. In MCS, we nurture our children,  partner with parents,  respect and take care of our staffs' well-being.  We hope to create an environment that allows our staff to achieve job satisfaction, career advancement and further ignite their passion in the education industry to guide the next generation.

Why My Child's Story?


The Centre’s operation is run by the founder and managing director of the business who understands our teacher’s challenges, student’s need and parent’s requirement.


MCS offers space for your growing child to move, play and learn.


We serve meatless menu (Lacto- ovo vegetarian) which comes with daily fresh fruits, brown rice. healthy snacks and beverages during tea break.



We keep the teacher-student ratio small for  practical guidance           and encourage meaningful conversations    amongst both


My Child's Story is an after school care provider that touches the hearts of our students. We aim to leave a long-lasting positive impression as they grow into an independent, sociable and happy learner.

O : +65 6996 5721
M : +65 9690 1548

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