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18 Nov 2016
Best Improvement Award

Jason was the first few students with MCS since our incorporation and is still with us currently.

Everyday, he was required to stay back for extra remedial lessons in school. Hence he arrived MCS only about 4pm. With the precious 2.5 hours, he was scheduled to practice Brainy Moves and tasked to complete his homework as priority as both his parents are not able to coach him at home.

It was very challenging for a P1 especially after a long day in school. The beautiful part of Jason is that, no matter how tired he was, he pesevered and pressed on because he was worried that he cannot finish his work on time. Besides good character, we see  and he was supported and motivated by our teachers.

Ms Serina and Teacher Wei Sen guided him with patience and love. He understood that all these practice was suppose to be good for him.