School Term Program
2016 School Term
Most of the parents provide our children with our best ability. But when time is not on our side, entrust him/her to someone and somewhere where you know they could achieve a well balance and holistic lifestyle while you focus on your career. As a parent cum educator and operator, I believe that there is no ‘best program’ but rather the most suitable one that meets you and your child’s needs.
27 June to 2 September 2016
Monday to Friday
12 noon to 7pm
• Homework, spelling, 听写 and revision on past year examination paper
• Tuition
• Brainy Moves
• School Online Learning
• Learning Corners
• Philosophy of Mind
1:30 pm
Lunch and shower
2:30 pm
Homework and exam papers (first batch)
3:45 pm
Brainy Moves (brain training)
4:15 pm
Tea Break
4:30 pm
Homework and exam papers (second batch) / Learning Corner
6:00 pm
Philosophy of Mind (inspirational sharing)
6:30 pm
Back home by centre bus
Monthly fees (till 31 Dec 2016)
$500.00 (Now $450.00)
Sign up for 2017 Registration by 31 December 2016 to enjoy special rate of $450 per month for January to March 2017.