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My Child’s Story Pte Ltd (MCS) was set up by a team of like-minded individuals who aspire to nurture the younger generation with true love and compassion. We hope that our  guiding principles create a positive and meaningful  learning experience that leaves an everlasting impact in our student's lives as they craft a story that is uniquely theirs.


From child to adult with self-motivation, good moral value and positive attitude.


An after school care provider who could touch the heart of our students by leaving a long lasting positive impression as they grow into an independent, sociable and happy learner.


Self - Discipline, Respect for others, Teamwork

Our staff

Every talent plays a crucial role in the centre hence everyone is deemed as an important asset to us. In MCS, we nurture the children,  partner with parents,  respect and take care of our staffs' well-being.  We hope to create an environment that allows our staff to achieve job satisfaction, career advancement and further ignite their passion in the education industry to guide the next generation.

Homework Guidance

This is a ‘love-hate’ relationship for most children. They love it because deep down they know it is their responsibility as a good student to complete their daily work. They hate it because it seems never-ending!

Perseverance and self-discipline are values that cannot be taught but only through repetitive practice. Our job is to impart knowledge with a lot of love.


MCS is partnering The Lab Singapore, the first education lab in Singapore to use predictive data analytics and educational psychology to develop a customized Coding curriculum for children. The Lab is also the first school in Singapore that offers curriculum written by a Professor from the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

As technology is integrated into our lives, it is paramount that students have a sense of awareness and understanding to equip themselves with the skills of the future.

The program uses Lego robots and integrated MOE Pri. 4 Math & Science syllabus to make it relevant and meaningful for our students.


Calligraphy (Di Zi Gui Zhen 弟子规箴):

 MCS is using Di Zi Gui Zhen, an enhanced version of Di Zi Gui. This is done through tracing the printed content using calligraphy paint brush.

 Di Zi Gui Zhen updated certain parts of the content to reflect the relevancy of modern learning and practice. Objective of this activity is to improve focus and practice good handwriting, which is an important milestone for children at this age group.

 Di Zi Gui was based on the ancient teaching of the Chinese philosopher Confucius that emphasises the basic requisites for being a virtuous person and guidelines for living in harmony with others.

Project Work - Be an Entrepreneur @ Bazaar

Project Work:

 Be an Entrepreneur @ Bazaar allow our student to experience being an entrepreneur.

 Students get to sell new or used toys, books, games, or anything in good working condition to their friend at a reasonable price.

 Objective of this platform helps student to learn how to handle money to have better money sense; how to promote their products, how to close a sale, how to encourage or convince buyers and how to count meaningfully.


Food is very important to a growing child. In order to keep them at their tip-top condition, the amount of nutrients served at the right portion is vital.

At My Child’s Story we believe that it is crucial to keep the child ‘awake’ when they arrive at the centre especially after an early day from school. Besides refreshing themselves we offer meatless menu with fruits for lunch. Tea break are usually bao, cereal, chee chong fun, rice cake, cream bun, toast, biscuits with either warm beverage, milk, soya or orange squash.

The food ingredients are made from soy-based product extracted from beans and mushrooms. It has good source of protein and carbohydrates for growth and development.

Mushroom Baked Brownrice (before)
(after) with Broccoli Soup
Bah Kut Teh Soup with Brownrice
Homemade Bread for tea
Homemade Butter Cake
Cheese Pizza, Salad with Homemade Pumpkin Soup
Yee Mee Soup

Vegetarian Minced Meat with Tou Fu and Wanton Soup

Homemade carrot soup with spaghetti, nuggets and salad!

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Mind (POM); sharing of good moral values for character development

 Teaching or guiding of character development cannot be using words alone. Case examples and situational-based learning are highly essential to complement classroom learning. This is because children learn best through role modelling or seeing a real-life situation.

 Teacher will present an educational and or inspirational video clip and repeat it for second time with teacher’s explanation. After which, we will invite the children to share their takeaways. 5 minutes before we end the program, we allow the children to draw or write their feelings on their POM exercise book. Over time, this will subtly shape their character; character will then guide their behaviour.

Everyone is unique and nobody can judge your worth. 

To impart basic concepts of our perceived reality that helps them understand the world through art.

For a start, student will have the ability to develop art concepts using primary colours, distance and 3D perspective. Based on the speed and capabilities of the students, this course will have a beginner, Intermediate and Advance class.

 The curriculum is developed by a NAFA graduate who understands the need of matching the basic concept of art with children’s cognitive ability of their age.

 Lessons will be carried out by a team of NAFA graduates who are passionate not only in art but are fun and experience artists who love to work with children.

Play Corner

Play corner is a space where our students interact, socialize and have fun. Besides board games like Dam, Pictionary, Scrabble, Twister, Card games etc, we had added Basketball stand, Soccer table game and Archery board game. The corner includes a mini library with series of Young Scientist books in the class for reading.