My Child's Story has launched a new program - Calligraphy! With guidance from our teachers,students will learn the art of calligraphy with the aim of cultivating patience and strengthening focus.

Why MCS (My Child's Story)

Who we are?

My Child’s Story Pte Ltd was set up by a team of like-minded individuals who aspire to nurture the younger generation with true love and compassion. We hope that our  guidance creates a positive and meaningful  learning experience that leaves an everlasting impact on their lives as they craft a story that is uniquely theirs.

Our mission!

Creating a home-away-from-home environment and taking care of our students' well being is our top priority. My Child’s Story aims to create a safe, loving and holistic environment for students and teachers alike,  leaving behind  wonderful memories.


Centre is run by two business partners who believe in hands on to fully understand our teacher's challenges, student's needs and parent's requirements.

Students take meatless menu (healthy vegetarian cooking) that comes with daily fresh fruits and varieties of snack and milo, milk, soya for tea break.

 Offer space for your growing child to move around safely.

Teacher-student ratio is small to achieve focused guidance with meaningful conversation.

Our staff

Every talent plays a crucial role in the centre hence everyone is deemed as an important asset to us. In MCS, we nurture the children, partner with parents, respect and take care of our staffs' well-being.  We hope to create an environment that allows our staff to achieve job satisfaction, career advancement and further ignite their passion in the education industry to guide the next generation.

Homework Guidance

This is a ‘love-hate’ relationship for most children. They love it because deep down they know it is their responsibility as a good student to complete their daily work. They hate it because it seems never-ending!

On a day to day basis, we managed to get the children to continue practising on their past year examination papers even though SA1 has ended. Initially, there was much resentment and whining (which is expected). But with perseverance and patience, they came to terms with it by walking into the classroom on their own accord. They would take out their homework, jot down accordingly onto the centre’s notebook and start working on their daily work without any prompting.

Perseverance and self-discipline are values that cannot be taught but only through repetitive practice. Our job is to impart knowledge with a lot of love.

Our children find peace within themselves as they learn to distinguish between “work time” and “play time”.


Food is very important to a growing child. In order to keep them at their tip-top condition, the amount of nutrients served at the right portion is vital.

At My Child’s Story we believe that it is crucial to keep the child ‘awake’ when they arrive at the centre especially after an early day from school. Besides refreshing themselves we offer meatless menu with fruits for lunch. Tea break are usually bao, cereal, chee chong fun, rice cake, cream bun, toast, biscuits with either warm beverage, milk, soya or orange squash.

The food ingredients are made from soy-based product extracted from beans and mushrooms. It has good source of protein and carbohydrates for growth and development.

Mushroom Baked Brownrice (before)
(after) with Broccoli Soup
Bah Kut Teh Soup with Brownrice
Homemade Bread for tea
Homemade Butter Cake
Cheese Pizza, Salad with Homemade Pumpkin Soup
Yee Mee Soup

Vegetarian Minced Meat with Tou Fu and Wanton Soup

Homemade carrot soup with spaghetti, nuggets and salad!

Philosophy of Mind

This session brings out the inner beauty of one through an array of activities designed to give children room for self-reflection and personal expression.

Back to where our roots belong, every Tuesday is ‘Speak Mandarin Day’. On this very day, children are exposed not only to mandarin but also Chinese stories which illustrate moral values (kindness, respect and etc.).

Besides books, our teachers use different mediums to deliver educational and inspirational stories. At times, our teachers recount stories of their own times in order to lead by example. To boost one’s self-confidence, children are given public speaking opportunities to express themselves. From reading, listening to speaking, children will atlas move on to writing, thus closing the loop by fulfilling all four language skills.


Not everyone has the flair for art, but we're sure everyone holds a different set of definition of what a beautiful piece of art would be.

Art is a matter of perception and personal preference. It is an individual masterpiece where no two outcomes will entirely be the same. This is one of the values we uphold and we would like to impart to our children. 

Everyone is unique and nobody can judge your worth. 

 As teachers, we respect and accept this disparity, believing that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

We thank and appreciate Love Art for carrying out these aesthetic creative activities with our children. They enjoyed themselves very much!

Yong Jia is our part time teacher who teaches art during the school holiday period. Her quiet yet fun personality connects with the children easily. The craft that we do were simple yet enjoyable and meaningful to the children.  She is able to get those children who does not like art to at least try creating craft of their own. We are not looking for perfection craft work but the enjoyment of learning together during the journey.

Learning Corner
Learning corner

The learning corner is a space where our students play and socialize. It is stock up with board games like scrabble and Bingo, card games like Taboo! The corner includes a mini library with new story books updated every two weeks.

Lego bricks to kick start their creative juices!

Kids focusing on the videos clip during our Philosophy of Mind program.

Brainy Moves Program - Apr'16 to April'18

Brainy Moves was licensed by My Child's Story for the last two years. Our students enjoyed the lessons and we had witnessed some of them benefited from the program over time. We thank and appreciated James, the founder supporting and offering this program in our centre back then.

Endorsements by Academics

The Brainy Moves programme is a proven programme endorsed by the Harvard Medical School Associate Professor.

“I am a big supporter of Brainy Moves and their programs. The aims and processes that I observed are based on science and they will continue to evolve and help the science to evolve as well. It is a well-thought out and powerful program that incorporates activities that improve balance, flexibility, coordination, rhythm and leads to a better behaved, better organized, and better performing child. The staff is well-trained and very committed to children of all brain types. It gives me pleasure to say that I will be an ongoing consultant to James Tang and his group!”  – Dr John Ratey

Also, the following is an affirmation from Dr Zachary Walker from the National Institute of Education.

“I love Brainy Moves. The research is very very clear that when we move, things happen in the brain that are good for us. And that helps us learn more productively and efficiently, and do better in academic tests. I think what James does is fantastic. He’s giving you the tools, giving you the ideas, and he’s giving you the theory, and the practical research behind what he’s doing. It makes sense, and he’s good at it.” - Dr Zachary Walker

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